Minor Courses

Minor Courses

Minor / Optional (3 Courses/09 credits)

  1. For EEE Students

EEE students have to complete three (03) courses offered by any departments other than EEE as elective/optional course. If students from EEE want to do minor, then they have to take five (05) courses from a single degree-granting department (as per the guidance of that particular department).

  1. For Students from Other Departments wishing to do a Minor in EEE

Students of other departments wishing to take Optional courses or Minor in EEE can choose from courses listed in the table below. EEE 105 and EEE 106 are mandatory for students who do not complete the fundamental electrical course(s).

Course Code Course Title Credits
Complete List of Minor Courses
EEE 1405 Electrical Circuits 3
EEE 1406 Electrical Circuits Lab 1
EEE 1301 Electronic Circuits I 3
EEE 2103 Electronic Circuits II 3
EEE 2205 Electrical Machines I 3
EEE 2309 Electrical Machine II 3
EEE 2313 Signals and Systems 3
EEE 2301 Digital Electronics 3
EEE 3207 Power System I 3
EEE 3109 Communication Systems 3
CSE 3209 Data Communication and Computer Networks 3
EEE 3103 Digital Signal Processing 3
EEE 4103 Control System I 3
EEE 4421 Analog Integrated Circuits 3
EEE 4425 VLSI I 3
EEE 4430 Optoelectronics 3
EEE 4433 Power Electronics 3
EEE 4437 Introduction to Nanotechnology 3
EEE 4445 Microwave Engineering 3
EEE 4449 Optical Fiber Communication 3
EEE 4451 Wireless and Cellular Communication 3
EEE 4453 Satellite Communication 3
EEE 4455 Digital Image Processing 3
EEE 4477 Renewable Energy Technology 3

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