GED Courses

GED Courses

General Education (GED) Courses

1. GED Core Courses (5 courses / 15 credits)

Course Code Course Title Credit
GEF 1101

(General Education Foundation)

Academic English I 3
GEF 1102 Academic English II 3
UCC 1101 (ULAB Core Course) Bangla Bhasha 3
UCC 1102


Emergence of Independent Bangladesh 3
UCC 1103/ GED 2159* Professional Ethics 3

Note: Placement in Pre-Univ. courses, ELL 099: Remedial English, MAT 0099: Remedial Math will be based on admission test.

Note*: GED 2159 for students from EEE department.

2. GED Electives (3 courses / 9 credits)

GED Electives course offerings will vary from term to term. GED 316 and GED 317 courses must be taken by students of EEE department.

Course Code Course Title Credit
Tier 1 One course from Arts and Humanities 3
Tier 2 GED 316: Industrial Management 3
Tier 3 GED 317: Environment and Sustainability 3

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