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Department of Computer Science and Engineering at ULAB, since its inception, has been offering the undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering with more focus on the ICT industries worldwide. The designed program delivers the fundamental skills needed to become a Computer Scientist. The program also aims to a wider knowledge of the subject, rather than just an understanding of existing commercial approaches, so that the student’s understanding and knowledge can adapt and evolve to match the skills that will be required in the coming century. The degree is designed for a wide range of students, including those who wish to pursue a career in software engineering or computer programming or related areas, based on strong technical competence in software system design and interfacing, and also those who wish to move on to study for higher degrees in the computing and information technology areas either at home or abroad. The department is well accepted by different professional bodies through participation in different activities related to ICT. The department is already engaged in international conferences like ICCIT and ICECE and programming contest like National Computer Programming Contest and ICPC.
Long Range Goals

  • Quality teaching and learning environment
  • Industry Academia Collaborations
  • Incubation of real-life developments with ICT industries
  • Partnership with ICT Leaders both at home and abroad
  • Research and developments
  • ICT4D activities

Short Range Goals

  • Develop course curricula based on industry requirements
  • Deliver course lessens with industry focus
  • Nurture creativity and innovations
  • Joint research initiatives with the ICT industry

Degree Requirements:

Total course requirements for degree program are as follows:
General Education Course 10 courses (30 credits)
Major Core 24 courses (79 credits)
Major Elective 04 courses (12 credits)
Project/Thesis 01 courses (04 credits)
Optional/Minor 05 courses (15 credits)
Total 44 courses (140 credits)

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.