Co-curricular Clubs

Co-curricular Clubs


ULAB ComSoc is a student association of IT-savvy ULABians. It hopes to be a club, where students interested about technologies can share their knowledge and be benefited from each other by collaboration. ULAB ComSoc is also keen to provide a platform for developing leadership skills. ULAB ComSoc arranges various workshops, training sessions, seminars based on digital technology. Those workshops and seminars focus new technologies and their impacts. ULAB ComSoc organizes programming contest, gaming contest, math Olympiad, etc. Moreover, members from ULAB ComSoc have been participating in various national and international events. These activities hopefully make its members smarter and enable them to remain updated and prepare them for future responsibilities. ULAB ComSoc maintains a stable number of members over the years where the current active member of this club is close to hundred. Considering the recent activities, ULAB ComSoc has been arranging programming contests and project-poster showcasing in every semester. It is worthwhile to mention that students, who demonstrate outstanding skill-sets in the intra contests, are selected later to represent ULAB in various national level competitions. Some of the activities of ULAB ComSoc are listed as follows. All CSE students by default are the member of this society by paying a membership fee 100 tk. With the approval of the head of the department and advisor, this society is funded by university.


IEEE ULAB Student Branch

IEEE ULAB Student Branch was founded in 2015 with Branch Code: STB17181 and School Code: 60041657. Membership is open for all students of the university, especially from the School of Science and Engineering. However, each branch member needs be IEEE student member with an annual membership fee of USD 27. The university has been supporting its IEEE student branch members by providing 50% membership fee for first 35 applicants each year. Since its inception in 2015 the student branch has been dedicated to promoting latest technology to its branch members and peers. It has hosted several events ranging from technical workshops to career development seminars to project and poster displays. Moreover, the branch members have been taking part in various national and international IEEE events.

Considering the recent activities, it is observed that the branch is a regular participant of the IEEE events organized by IEEE Bangladesh section. Moreover, a team from the IEEE ULAB Student Branch won the second runner-up position in the idea competition at IEEE R10 Humanitarian Conference, which was held in December 2017. It is worthwhile to mention that the member counts are increasing for IEEE ULAB Student Branch students where the current member count is 56 of the branch. Some of the activities of IEEE ULAB Student Branch are presented in Table 4.7. It has nearly 100 members. Dr. Shahriar Rahman, Dr Golam Kibria, Dr. FarhanaSarkar, Dr. Nafees Mansoor are the members of this group.

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